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Our Team

Bringing together over 20 years of collective experience, Brabull Capital LLC boasts a highly seasoned team.

Caio BRAz Santos

CEO and Founder

Caio BRAz Santos, CEO at Brabull Capital, possesses a degree in Electrical Engineering from Mackenzie University, highlighting his robust analytical and problem-solving skills. His dedication to ongoing learning is evident through a postgraduate qualification in Finance and Investment Banking from FIA, further enriching his financial expertise.

Currently pursuing an Executive MBA with a focus on Finance at New York University – Stern, Caio is committed to remaining at the forefront of industry trends and strategic financial management. He brings a wealth of knowledge and a strategic mindset to his role, significantly contributing to Brabull Capital’s success. Caio has over 15 years of experience in the financial markets, with vast experience in portfolio management and credit, since the beginning of his career at HSBC until now at Urca Capital Partners, a Brazilian asset manager with over USD 300 million under management, including a listed REIT in the Brazilian Stock Exchange.

MBA, Certified Investment Analyst.

Thassya Stersi BARreiros Romano

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Thassya Stersi BARreiros Romano holds a degree in Financial Management from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, demonstrating a strong foundation in finance. Her commitment to staying abreast of industry trends led her to pursue a Post-Degree in Business Sustainability for Leaders – ESG at the University of New York – SUNY Albany, establishing her as a thought leader at the intersection of business and sustainability. Thassya brings a strategic and analytical mindset, significantly contributing to her role as Chief Operating Officer at Brabull Capital.


In her role as COO, Thassya is responsible for overseeing the company’s daily operations, implementing business strategies, and driving operational excellence. She ensures that all business functions align with the company’s strategic goals, manages operational budgets, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency.


Thassya has 5 years of experience in the financial markets, with prior experience in back office at Family Offices, governance, and portfolio management.


MBA, Certified Investment Analyst.

Rafael Scarcello

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Attorney approved by the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil, São Paulo Section, since 2009. Throughout his career, he has specialized and worked comprehensively in the areas of Civil Law, Corporate Law, Regulatory Law, Labor Law, Tax Law, Data Protection, Compliance and Corporate Governance.

He had the opportunity to gain extensive experience in the Health area, seeking solutions to the legal issues of the largest hospital in Baixada Santista (Santa Casa de Santos) and occupying the position of Legal Manager of Plano Santa Saúde, a large-scale Health Operator, responsible for coordinating and supervising all legal matters of the organization, including the production of legal documentation, obtaining licenses, strategic legal planning, legal compliance, business structuring and resolution of commercial disputes and legal risk management for over a decade and a half.

With the growing importance of new technologies, he also dedicate significant efforts to studying and applying the law regarding investments in digital currencies, providing innovative and updated legal advice for those navigating this emerging field, acting as Chief Compliance Officer of Brabull Capital LLC, which promotes tokenized investment solutions in the international investment market.


Graduated from the Catholic University of Santos, he has a postgraduate degree in Civil Procedural Law from Damásio Educacional, and in the process of completing an MBA in Business Management at Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Lucas Sacheto

Head of IT

Lucas Sacheto has a rich background in information technology leadership and a demonstrated history of driving organizational success through strategic IT initiatives, bringing significant value to the company.


Over the 20 years in the field, he has consistently excelled in roles requiring a combination of technical expertise, strategic vision, and effective team leadership. His approach to IT management is founded on the principles of innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, where he led teams, developed and executed comprehensive IT strategies, and played a pivotal role within organizations. He has proactively identified tech trends and tools for enhancing project quality.


He holds a degree in IT Management Technology from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. Seeking to improve his IT knowledge and skills, he also holds another degree in Computer Systems Technician from George Brown College.


Lucas is always committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment and professional development within IT teams. Through his leadership, he has consistently cultivated high-performance teams that meet and exceed expectations, driving positive outcomes for the organizations he has served.